The only museum in Japan which features kawara roof tiles

Takahama Yakimono no Sato, Kawara Museum

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Kawara Museum features kawara (roof tiles), and is located in Takahama City, the main producer of Sanshu-kawara with Japan’s top domestic output of kawara.
The Museum introduces the beauty and appeal of kawara through collections and exhibitions of various resources and products including kawara from different periods/areas across Japan, kawara/pottery from around the world, and artworks (paintings, block prints, ukiyoe – Japanese woodblock prints, calligraphy, photography, etc.) related to kawara/pottery. A half-day workshop is also offered, to experience the joy of hands-on pottery-making by kneading clay.

Access From Meitetsu Nagoya Station to Takahamako Station on the Meitetsu Mikawa Line – Hekinan direction through Chiryu Station (approx. 50 mins, 730 yen), an approx. 10-minute walk from Takahamako Station
Opening hours 9:00-17:00 (Tickets are available until 16:30 only)
Admission fees Senior high student/adult: 200 yen,
Free of charge for junior high students and children (for permanent exhibition)
Closed Mondays (open in the case of a public holiday and closed on the following business day)
December 28 to January 1
Time of tour(s) Approx. 45 mins
Address 9-6-18 Aoki-cho, Takahama City
TEL 0566-52-3366
H P http://www.takahama-kawara-museum.com/(JAPANESE)

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