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Nagoya City route with sightseeing places that are free of charge Learning through experience for parents and children Strolling through historical places on the Mino Route

Walking routes to rediscover manufacturing culture

Visiting various industrial heritage sites on foot

Strolling through historical places on the Mino RouteDetails About 9km From Kiyosu-goshi to an associated location of Princess Goh
Let's walk from Nagoya Castle along the route of "Kiyosu-goshi" a historical event of 400 years ago. On the route, you can learn the history of Mino Road, visit a beer factory and walk around Kiyosu area.
Handa RouteDetails About 9 km The Handa Route begins at Handa Station on the JR Taketoyo Line, the first railway line in Aichi Prefecture. Opened 123 years ago, the Line links Nagoya and the Chita peninsula. Along the Line in the Handa region are several unique railway facilities, including Japan’s only extant engine turntable featuring two railway tracks intersecting at right angles, and Japan’s oldest station building still in use (Kamezaki Station, built in 1886). The railway contributed significantly to the development of local industries and economy.
Tsurumai – Higashiyama Zoo & Botanical Gardens RouteDetails About 10 km Highlights of this Route include blossoms, music, historic structures, academic institutes and leisure facilities.
After their tour, visitors will surely feel that Nagoya excels in both academic and leisure activities.
Horikawa RouteDetails About 13 km The year 2010 marks the 400th anniversary of Nagoya Castle construction project.
This Route takes tourists along the Horikawa Canal, constructed to transport building materials for Nagoya Castle.
After the Castle was completed, the Canal supported the local economy, helping the region develop into Japan’s manufacturing center.

Routes in the Chubu Region

Chubu wide-area sightseeing portal site “Journey to Impressive Scenic Spots”
  …Routes recommended by the Chubu Wide-Area Tourism Promotion Council(external link)