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Handa Route(約9km)

The Handa Route begins at Handa Station on the JR Taketoyo Line, the first railway line in Aichi Prefecture. Opened 123 years ago, the Line links Nagoya and the Chita peninsula. Along the Line in the Handa region are several unique railway facilities, including Japan’s only extant engine turntable featuring two railway tracks intersecting at right angles, and Japan’s oldest station building still in use (Kamezaki Station, built in 1886). The railway contributed significantly to the development of local industries and economy.
The Handa Route is highlighted by the Handa Canal, the Museum of Vinegar Su no Sato, the Sake Museum Sake no Bunkakan and redbrick buildings of former breweries, now renovated into food museums, all demonstrating the fact that Chita Peninsula was the birthplace of diverse food industries. This Route also encompasses railway-related cultural assets and the historic site of Nakajima Aircraft runways.

* The time indicated between arrows shows average time on foot.

Museum of Vinegar “Su no Sato”