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Learning through experience for parents and children

You can enjoy and learn the history of technologies and industries through experience programs.
Aichi Prefecture is full of industrial tourism facilities with experience programs through which you can learn of the handicrafts and mechanisms of various machinery. Suitable program for parents and children on holidays.

地図 Seto-Gura Museum Washi no Furusato (“Japanese paper museum”) Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum Toyota Automobile Museum Morikoro Park (EXPO JAPAN 2005 Memorial Park)

About Linimo:
Linimo is the first Linear Motor Car Line in Japan and runs through the eastern hills of Aichi Prefecture. It began operation in 2005 when JAPAN EXPO 2005 was held, attracting attention combining both unattended and automatic operations.

Toyota Automobile Museum

Toyota Automobile Museum showcases the development of automobile technologies and cultures since the birth of gasoline-fueled cars, introducing 140 automobiles from Japan and overseas, plus about 2,000 exhibitions connected with our lives and culture.

Morikoro Park (EXPO JAPAN 2005 Memorial Park)

Morikoro Park was reorganized as EXPO JAPAN 2005 Memorial Park, and exhibits "Satsuki and Mei's House." The park also offers exercise facilities and a robot exhibition space, attracting many family groups on weekends and holidays.


Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum

Aichi Prefectural Ceramic Museum is one of the biggest ceramic museums in Japan that exhibit more than 5,000 works including three important cultural assets. You can experience making and painting pottery.

Seto-Gura Museum

A comprehensive museum for Setoyaki pottery where you can learn the history of pottery and experience the lives of pottery craftsmen.

Washi no Furusato (“Japanese paper museum”)

You can experience producing works of Obara Japanese paper, and create your own Japanese paper.

* The information on this website is as of June 2012. Please contact each facility for detailed information.