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Industrial tourism in Aichi Prefecture (hereinafter, “this website”) introduces industrial tourism facilities in Nagoya and surrounding areas that have a long history of manufacturing products and offer numerous manufacturing sites and highlights.This website is operated by the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The objective of this site is for as many people as possible to experience the industrial history and culture using their senses and understand the spirit of manufacturing through the industrial tourism.

Users of this website must agree to the following terms of use. Please be reminded that site policies of this website are subject to change without prior notice.

Link Exchange Policy

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For link exchanges, please accept the following requirements.
1. Please clearly state on your website that you are linking to this website.
2. This website does not permit the use of frames, in which you present this website as if part of your own website, since this could mislead users to false information.
3. This website does not allow links from the following websites.
  ・Websites that infringe or may infringe on the intellectual property rights of this website or that of a third party.
  ・Websites whose contents damage or may damage this website or a third party’s website by malicious slander.
  ・Websites that violate or may violate laws, regulations or public standards.

External websites that link to/from this website are operated by other administrators on their own responsibility. This website disclaims all liability with regard to your access to/from external websites. Please contact the administrator of each website directly for questions on its content.

Copyright Policy

Copyrights for information (articles, photographs, illustrations, etc.) carried on this website are owned by the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry or each facility that provides the relevant information.
The copyright for this website itself is owned by the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry as an editorial work.

Disclaimer Policy

This website does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy or validity of any of the information it carries, although it pays utmost attention to the information it includes. This website disclaims all liability for damages resulting from any misinformation on this website or from the use of this website.
This website may change its website address or the information it carries, and suspend or cease operation without prior notice. This website disclaims all liability in relation to damages resulting from these changes.

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