Consisting of five facilities; INAX Tile Museum, INAX Kiln Plaza,
INAX Clay Works, INAX Tiling Labo and Monozukuri Craft Center

INAX Live Museums

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INAX Live Museums is an earth/ceramics museum where you can feel and experience the beauty, joy, history and culture of earth/ceramics, conducting dynamic activities in the local area of INAX, Tokoname City. The Museum consists of five facilities; the Kiln Plaza introducing the inside of kiln, terra-cotta (décor of architectural decoration) and old painted toilets; the INAX Tile Museum exhibiting approximately 1,000 decorative tiles from around the world; the INAX Tiling Labo providing workshops for tile-painting and pottery-making; INAX Clay Works promoting the beauty of clay; and INAX TILING LABO providing innovative pottery products.

Access Express train from Nagoya Station (platform 4) to Tokoname Station on the Meitetsu Line – in the direction of Tokoname (approx. 40 mins, 650 yen), from Tokoname Station to INAX Live Museums Mae Bus Stop by Chita bus –Chita Handa Station direction (approx. 6 mins, 210 yen), an approx. 2-minute walk from INAX Live Museums Mae Station
Opening hours 10:00-17:00(entry closes at 16:30)
Admission fees Adult: 600 yen, University/senior high student: 400 yen, Child/junior high student: 200 yen (throughout all facilities)
Closed The third Wednesday (open in the case of a public holiday and closed on the following business day)
Year-end and New Year holidays
Time of tour(s) Approx. 90 mins
Address 1-130 Okusakae-cho, Tokoname City
TEL 0569-34-8282
H P http://inax.lixil.co.jp/ilm/(Japanese)

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