What is the allure of “Industrial Tourism”?

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What is the allure of “Industrial Tourism”?

The purpose of industrial tourism is to feel the spirit of craftsmanship in various fields.
This website introduces industrial tourism facilities mainly in the Nagoya area, which has a long history of manufacturing products and is full of manufacturing sites and highlights. Enjoy the history and culture of industries and experience them with all your senses.

What is industrial tourism?
Industrial tourism is a tourism activity that presents industrial cultural assets (machinery, appliances and factory remains), production sites (factories and craft centers), and products as tourism resources, and promotes the spirit of manufacturing and personal exchanges through these resources. It is advocated by the Culture and Tourism Committee of the Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and is operated in coordination with administrative agencies.

History & Folk Culture – Fully enjoy the history of manufacturing

The Owari area (known as western Aichi today) used to be the Tokugawa family’s own city, so the area has plenty of precious household goods used by feudal lords and fine cultural assets.
Industrial tourism offers you the chance not only to see these collections but also to actually experience them through activities such as learning tea ceremony etiquette, tasting tea, and enjoying games from long ago.
It would be entertaining to learn history from different views, such as old-time medicines, railways, and money.

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Heritage – Experience and taste artisans’ works

Why don’t you take a closer look and feel closer to the industries that are indispensable to our everyday life?
Some facilities offer you the experience of making Japanese papers, dyeing, and making pottery. Through these experiences of creating products, you will surely rediscover the allure of manufacturing.
We recommend that you “taste” Japanese traditional culture, too, such as sake and dishes using miso paste.

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Industry – Experience the beauty of industrial design

The Industrial Revolution in Japan began with the invention of the automatic weaving machine, though the focus later shifted from textiles to the automobile and rail industries.
We have industrial tourism facilities that enable you to closely experience the beautiful movement of weaving machines and the manufacturing process of automobiles and railways.
Since pressing a button will make many of the exhibits move, small children are excitedly drawn into the attraction of manufacturing.
We also offer many amusing workshops such as making products using a real automobile-manufacturing machine.

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Science – Touch and be inspired by cutting-edge technologies!

Industrial tourism offers you precious opportunities to experience the cutting-edge technologies of the aircraft and space industries.
You can take a close look at real aircraft and rockets, and enjoy a simulated experience of space travel using a planetarium.
Industrial tourism facilities also have attractions that let you “feel” light, wind and energy such as electricity, something you normally can’t view with your eyes.
A variety of craft events and lessons are held at various times.

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Industrial Tourism Information Center

We offer a wide range of information on “Industrial tourism,” including highlights and access to these facilities.